Test Results

The world's most advanced anti-friction lubricant. Here's the proof.


 SMT has been subjected to significant testing in countries including USA, Australia and Russia and demonstrates outstanding performance. For e.g.

According to tribological tests with four-balls friction machine (ASTM-D-4172), blending 5% SMT into a synthetic motor oil resulted in the reduction of wear on average 97%.

  • Average wear reduction of 97%.
According to test report #14-K/02 of 18.02.2002 from the Gubkin Russian State University petroleum and gas testing laboratory, a test by standard four-balls method (GOST 9490-75)it was observed that blending 5% SMT2™ into the Lukoil Standard SAE 10W-40 API SF/CC mineral oil:
  • Increased weld load by 25%
  • Increased critical load by 50%
  • Increased scuffing index by 50%
  • Decreased wear area diameter by 17%
According to test report #18-03 of  4.03.2002 of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Research centre “Tribotechnica”), a test by Stribeck curve method demonstrated that the presence of  5% SMT mixed into SAE 10W-40 API SF/CC mineral motor oil reduced:
  • Reduced average friction coefficient by 13%
  • Reduced lineal wear by 18%

SMT2® significantly out performs all other products tested, and can substantially reduce friction and wear, while increasing load bearing capacity, in all lubricant reliant machinery. 

To view  the full report on the above test data please view/download the following PDF documents:

The following downloadable PDFs show further test results for SMT2 performance:                               

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